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1 Biligual Lawyer (1)
Why choose BetterPros
Why choose BetterPros 2
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Bilingual Lawyer

Join BetterPros as a Bilingual Lawyer. Apply now!

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Are you a charismatic lawyer with the ability to create trustful relationships with clients? We’re seeking someone open to new challenges and ready to occupy a unique, key position at BetterPros. If you have an analytical mindset, can maintain direct contact with clients, and can trust you with our eyes shut, this could be the next opportunity for your career. Apply today!

BetterPros unlocks human potential by offering competitive compensation, flexibility, constant learning and growth, and the opportunity to work anywhere you want with one of our +130 active clients across the United States. In this case, we are looking for someone to join our internal team and provide excellence to make the magic happen.

What you must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Law.
  • +3 years of experience working as a commercial/corporate lawyer.
  • A Bilingual English level.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A great plus:

  • Experience working for the US.

What you’ll do:

  • Elaborate, analyze and modify contracts both for clients and contractors.
  • Craft and supervise other legal documents such as NDAs, traveling policies, terms and conditions for external projects, privacy policies and data use, etc.
  • Maintain direct contact and negotiations with clients.
  • Advise the internal team in every legal-related matter.
  • Plan and implement enhancements within the Legal area.
  • Manage administrative tasks related to the role.

We’ve got the opportunity, you’ve got the talent.
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