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Why choose BetterPros
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iOS App Developer

Join BetterPros as an iOS App Developer. Apply now!

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Do you possess an undoubtedly tech-savvy personality? Do you feel comfortable in a fast-paced, results-driven environment? Are you seeking an opportunity to demonstrate your strong analytical and problem-solving skills? Our client is a unique company that acquires entire teams of talent and IT assets from global organizations, MSPs, and datacenter operators. They need you ASAP! Apply today.

BetterPros unlocks human potential by offering competitive compensation, flexibility, constant learning and growth, and the opportunity to work anywhere you want with one of our +130 active clients across the United States.

What you’ll do:

  • Design and Develop Innovative iOS Applications:
    • Create visually appealing and user-friendly iOS applications that meet the needs of our target audience.
    • Work closely with UX/UI designers to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.
  • Collaborate with Cross-Functional Teams:
    • Collaborate with product managers, designers, and other developers to define, design, and ship new features.
    • Contribute to brainstorming sessions and provide valuable insights for feature development.
  • Write Clean, Maintainable Code:
    • Write efficient, clean, and maintainable code in Swift and Objective-C.
    • Follow best practices and coding standards to ensure the quality and readability of the codebase.
  • Conduct Thorough Testing:
    • Conduct rigorous testing to identify and fix bugs, ensuring the performance and reliability of the applications.
    • Collaborate with quality assurance teams to implement and execute comprehensive testing plans.
  • Stay Updated on iOS Development Trends:
    • Stay informed about the latest iOS development trends, technologies, and best practices.
    • Proactively research and recommend innovative solutions to enhance the functionality and performance of our applications.

What you must have:

  • Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C:
    • Demonstrated proficiency in both Swift and Objective-C programming languages.
    • Ability to write clean, efficient, and well-documented code.
  • Experience with iOS Frameworks:
    • Hands-on experience with iOS frameworks, including Core Data and Core Animation.
    • Familiarity with UIKit, Core Graphics, and other essential frameworks.
  • Strong Understanding of Design Patterns and iOS Architecture:
    • In-depth knowledge of design patterns and iOS architecture.
    • Ability to apply best practices for creating scalable and maintainable code.
  • Strong Understanding of Design Patterns and iOS Architecture:
    • Experience integrating RESTful APIs into iOS applications.
    • Familiarity with the integration and usage of third-party libraries for enhanced functionality.
  • An advanced english level.

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