#BetterNight Remote: Celebrate good times, come on!

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BetterNight Remote

In today’s fast-paced work environment, staying connected with your team while working remotely can be a challenging endeavor. However, at BetterPros, we understand the significance of fostering a sense of belonging and recognizing daily accomplishments. As we navigate this new era of work, we’ve embraced the remote revolution and found innovative ways to maintain our strong team spirit.

Efficiency has always been a hallmark of remote work, allowing us to achieve remarkable results no matter where we are located. Yet, there’s more to a successful remote work culture than just productivity. Building a genuine sense of belonging and acknowledging the small victories contribute to a motivated and engaged team. This is the challenge we tackle daily at BetterPros – creating an environment where our team members feel valued and celebrated.

Introducing BetterNight Remote: Redefining Connection

To address the need for meaningful connections in the virtual workspace, we introduced BetterNight Remote, a virtual event that brought together over 150 incredible guests from around the world. BetterNight Remote was a testament to our commitment to strengthening connections despite geographical barriers and time zones. The event became an arena where our team’s spirit got to its best, proving that physical distance will never be able to just weaken meaningful connections.

BetterNight Remote was more than just an event; it was an opportunity for us to come together and have fun, celebrate our achievements, and share groundbreaking ideas. The virtual setting provided the perfect backdrop for laughter, shared experiences, and unforgettable memories. It was a reminder that even when we’re miles apart, our hearts are always united.

BetterNight Remote

Embracing the Digital Revolution: Expanding Horizons

The concept of the remote revolution has transformed the way we work. Gone are the days when geographical limitations constrained us to opportunities within our town (or country!) of origin. Today, the digital revolution has opened up a world of possibilities. At BetterPros, we believe in helping professionals embrace this revolution and seize opportunities that align with their talents and aspirations.

Our company’s mission is to empower individuals to become who they aspire to be by unlocking their full potential. We understand that supporting personal growth can lead to remarkable transformations. The remote work landscape allows us to connect with individuals worldwide, enabling us to find the perfect match between talent and opportunity.

The more you trust in yourselves, the limits you believe to have in life will begin to fade away, and that will allow you to choose: “I don’t like this, I prefer this other thing…” Confidence grows, and with that, it becomes possible to create a path with a clearer purpose each time.” Camila Brugger, CEO

ProsAwards: Celebrating the BetterPros Spirit

The effort of every team member is what makes BetterPros exist. That is why we created #ProsAwards, an opportunity to recognize some of our professionals in three categories:

  • #BetterEngagement awarded professionals who are always one step ahead when it comes to creating #BetterProsCulture with their actions: participation, commitment, and flexibility are some of the elements that were prioritized in this category.
  • #BetterFeedback was dedicated to professionals who were recognized for having the best client feedback (this took some thorough research!) We would be nothing without our clients, and that is the reason why we constantly create spaces to make sure we are providing excellence and high performance.
  • #BetterEnglish, at last, was the category that awarded all those professionals who appreciate and seize our English training program. Despite every member of BetterPros being fully bilingual, there is always room for improvement and learning more about the industry we work for.

BetterNight Remote served as a powerful reminder of what we can accomplish together when we come together as a team. Our collective ambition knows no bounds, and we’re ready for whatever the future may bring.

BetterNight Remote

United and Amused Across Borders

The Awards segment remained a pivotal highlight, as with BetterNight, recognizing and celebrating achievements played a fundamental role in the event’s dynamic.

And not only that: We engaged in architecture, general knowledge, and technology trivia that added a thrilling twist as the desire to win the game became a personal matter for everyone. The game was full of surprises, culminating in a last-minute podium shift that kept the excitement alive.

With #BetterNight Remote, we proved that physical separation does not hinder our ability to thrive together. We shattered the confines of borders and proved that our unity is not bound by location.

Ready to Join the Remote Revolution?

We talk about the remote revolution all the time. There really is a digital transformation going on: in the old days, you would have to work closer to what you could find. Today you can find the person or the company IN THE WORLD who needs your talent. You can reach out to the whole planet and find the perfect opportunity. This company is about helping you get there. If you care about somebody, you can make them be who they want to be.” Peter Whitehead, Co-Founder

As we continue to navigate the changing landscape of work, embracing the remote revolution becomes more critical than ever. BetterNight Remote exemplified our commitment to maintaining strong connections, celebrating achievements, and fostering innovation, regardless of physical distance. The remote revolution has given us the power to redefine the way we work, connecting us with opportunities and top talent on a global scale.

Are you ready to join the remote revolution? At BetterPros, we’ve already taken the leap and fallen in love with the possibilities it brings. Looking for the next huge step in your career? Well, enter our CareerSite!

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